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We have been approved to participate in the United States Agency for International Development in Peru's (USAID/Peru) for-profit application to participate in USAID/Peru’s New Partnerships and Private Sector Engagement Initiative!  The USAID wants to leverage investments in the private sector to establish and expand licit value chains and telecommunications services required to galvanize local economies. 

This highly competitive funding opportunity from the Peru New Partnerships and Private Sector Engagement Initiative is designed to increase the sustainability and impact in Alternative Development (AD).  AD assistance in Peru has helped the country reduce coca cultivation substantially and, subsequently, cocaine production with information technology in supply chains.

The Government of Peru (GOP) does not have the ability to track agriculture from the farms of Peru to the United States.  IF the GOP had the ability to sell and track agricultural goods as they move from the farms of Peru to the United States THEN the GOP could reduce corruption, conserve environmental resources, and establish a state presence in the rural areas in support of Peru’s National Anti-Corruption and Integrity Strategy. 

Our project is to innovatively link the supply chain from Peru to America with information technology and digital software.  By digitally linking the supply chain from Peru to America will increase product traceability and reduce transaction costs the reason we named the project, Digitally Connect Peru.  

Peru’s economic growth in the last 15 years has increased the GOP’s public revenue. This has enabled the GOP to fund approximately 60% of national AD efforts and 75% of coca eradication operations. Yet, public resources do not effectively reach rural, isolated communities in areas.  Here and in other regions, poverty – underpinned by insecurity, isolation, and inadequate state presence – provides fertile ground for coca cultivation. While the GOP has substantially increased its own resources to reduce coca in priority post-eradication regions, there is still much that can be done to help assist development partners in their work. 

A global supply chain of digital connectivity is a key effort to increase the region's competitiveness in the global market and support the GOP’s role in expanding effective distribution of much-needed goods and services to the public.

USAID is looking for leadership from the private sector to coordinate services and guide investments from a variety of public and private actors and that is what we are doing.  We are doing our part to help these critical regions eliminate illegal coca cultivation.

This is an amazing opportunity for Velourit to build its innovative application of information technology into the global supply chain to increase product traceability, reduce transaction costs, and add the value of linking new information to products through blockchain. 


Facts about Peru from the USAID


About Peru.

Here are some basic demographics about the people who live in Peru.  

  • Economy Size:  5th largest economy in South America 
  • Commercial market:  Stable
  • Size of Population:  32M people (1/3rd of the population lives in Lima) 
  • Average pre-tax income:  $2k USD per month
  • Trade Agreements:  Free Trade agreements equal limited tariffs
  • Highest level of education completed: Most people graduate from college 
  • Employment sector:  Only 20% poverty (down from 30%) 
  • Specialties:  Supply chain transparency, supply network intelligence, anti-counterfeiting, education and validation, inspection, sustainability, and cybersecurity.

Why This Problem? 

We’ve chosen to solve this problem because the global supply chain is a trillion-dollar system but it’s been slow to leverage the power of technology. Velourit wants to play a bigger role in driving the historic shift of the logistics industry goes through a digital transformation. Without the assistance of USAID funding, i.e. in this case, if USAID did not provide assistance, then raising from venture capital firms would not have happened.   Our research indicates a sophisticated export system would reduce corruption, conserve environmental resources, and create a systemic change in transportation and support of Peru’s National Anti-Corruption and Integrity Strategy.  The evidence indicates digital connectivity would forever strengthen Peru’s governmental capacities.

What This Mean For You?

Through economic diversification of women-owned and small to medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), we intend to boost Peru's competitiveness and resilience in the global economy.  We are building a sustainable business environment conducive to the sensitive needs of women, children, and families.  Investments into this project will protect vulnerable areas and create a circular economy of equitable opportunities.  We completed more than 10,000 hours of research and development into Latin America's infrastructure and our team plans to manage this project based on its 100 years of experience. 

And now our blessing can be your benefit. Digitally Connect Peru is our five-year project to implement a corruption prevention value in the supply chain and each corporate sponsor has the benefit of adding their input as we build a more sophisticated export system.  

For your sponsorship, you'll receive a number of incredible benefits from being acknowledged in interviews with the press, increasing brand awareness to consumers in Peru, visiting the project's site in Lima, and meeting government dignitaries in your business' industry.   

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This project has been recognized by the National Black Chambers of Commerce.

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