San Diego Sends Superb Craft Beer South

Mason Ale Works expands its distribution to Latin America by partnering with Velour Imports.  The distribution coverage area includes the 41 countries in from the top of the Caribbean down to South America. 

“We are excited to be showing the amazing people in the growing craft beer scene in Latin America and the Caribbean the amazing beers that Mason Ale Works is producing.” – Chris Stone, Mason Ale Works.

Mason Ale Works are believers that a well-made beer can cool your spirit and warm your soul.  With this goal in mind, Mason Ale Works was created in 2015, out of their Research and Development Brewery in Oceanside, CA. Mason Ale Works focused on crafting the traditional styles such as hoppy IPA’s, and rich stouts, as well as pushing the bounds of styles and what people expect from a beer.

Our philosophy as a brewery is, “We share the belief that friendship is equally as important as finance.  We are blessed to be in an industry that helps others” – Grant Tondro Co-Founder. Both Mason and Velour were helped by those who came before us, and we plan on helping those coming up behind us,” said Brooke Sinclair, Chief Executive Officer of Velour Imports when speaking of the partnership. 

Named a Best New Brewery by San Diego Magazine Mason produces a core collection of clean, crisp, food-friendly beers (Jambi West Coast IPA and Respeto Mexican Style Lager are standouts) which mesh perfectly with casual comfort food.  The export management company has committed to supporting Mason’s products throughout the Latin Americas.

“We’ve interviewed a number of prestigious brands and beers from Mason Ale Works are crafted by great people; they’re distributed all over San Diego County by skillful hands, and it’s a privilege and an honor to partner with exceptional brands, ready for growth, and bring their best to craft enthusiasts outside the states,” said Sinclair.  Velour Imports is carrying two of Mason’s core portfolio, Jambi and Respeto in 6PKC 12 oz cans.


About Mason Ale Works 

Mason Ale Works can be found in three locations spread across San Diego. Their Research and Development Brewery in Oceanside CA. Their large-scale Production Brewery in San Marcos CA, and a satellite Tasting Room in Carmel Valley San Diego.  Founded in 2015 with the goal to contribute to the growing artisan craft of craft beer. Mason Ale Works is an award-winning and respected brewery located in the Capital of Craft Beer, San Diego. Mason Ale Works produces a wide range of styles from the classic and traditional like German pilsners, and west coast IPA’s to the latest Hazy IPA’s and funky barrel-aged sours. For more information on each brewery location or specific beers, please visit them at