About Us

Velour Imports offers independently owned craft brands to wholesale buyers around the world.
Once upon a time…
These days craft beer is sold throughout Canada, Europe, Australia, and Asia. We are selling to commercial buyers in Latin American countries.  Luxury Resorts, Restaurant, Hospitality or Retail Distributors directly serving thirsty craft beer lovers unique, high class gastronomic tasting experiences.
The Challenge
Luxury Resorts, Restaurant, Hospitality or Retail Distributors may lack the ability to easily offer flavorful craft beverages to guests.  Velour Imports is a one-stop shop for Luxury Resorts, Restaurant, Hospitality or Retail Distributors who want to easily offer guests tasty beverages from other countries. 

The Struggle is Real
Even the most popular beers now available tend to only come in regular and lite. Moreover, there is no IPA option for them though they may be able to find a popular, celebratory beverage made of tree bark and herbs soaked in rum, red wine and honey.
Happily Ever After…
The global craft beer market has caused a remarkable shift in consumer beliefs and behavior. 
Velour is 100% dedicated to supplying the world with delicious craft beer.
Velour Imports simplifies the exporting process. We consolidate freight, transportation, and supply chain then streamline the import/export process with technology.  We also provide on-going marketing and advertising support. 

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