Knee Deep Brewing Heads to Latin America

Knee Deep Brewing Company expanded distribution to Latin America by partnering with Velour Imports.  A distribution territory of 41 countries Velour Imports wants to be the leading resource of craft beer for distributors in Latin America. 

“We at Knee Deep Brewing Company are extremely excited to partner with Velour Imports to bring our unique brand of fine craft beers to the Caribbean and South America.” said Knee Deep CEO Jerry Moore. “Velour Import’s knowledge and experience in this market, combined with our ability to produce award-winning craft beers make this an amazing opportunity for all those involved.”

Teaming up with Velour Imports is yet another huge step towards accomplishing our goal of making our beers available to craft beer enthusiasts all around the world! We cannot wait to see where this partnership takes us!

Craft beer lovers take their pursuit of quality beer very seriously and this family run independent microbrewery is one of the fantastic breweries who strives to continue brewing outstanding craft beers and sharing that experience with others around the globe.  Thankfully Knee Deep takes pride in their reputation of brewing a light bodied insanely drinkable IPA which appealing to a broad customer base. 

What started out contract brewed in 2010 now sold in 7 Asian countries and 32 states. “Knee Deep CEO, Jerry Moore, runs a great brewery run by fantastic and friendly people.”  Knee Deep has a rapidly growing reputation; known for their unique blends, creative outlook, and brewing big, hoppy West Coast style brews.  “We’re committed to supporting Knee Deep’s beautiful and complex brews throughout the territory,” said Brooke Sinclair, Chief Executive Officer of Velour Imports.

“Its high Instagram following, expansive selection of IPAs, and a bouquet of tightly woven scents fused together to give off powerful aromas make for great brands for sales overseas.” Sinclair continued, “It’s a privilege and an honor to partner with exceptional brands, ready for growth, and bring their best to craft enthusiasts around the world.”

Velour Imports will be carrying Knee Deep’s core portfolio, Citra Lights, Beautiful Blonde Ale, Brewing Slooow, New AirPorter in 12 oz cans.

About Knee Deep Brewing Company

Knee Deep Brewing Company is a family run independent Microbrewery located in Auburn, CA.  The one thing that will not change at Knee Deep is the quality of our product. We continue to brew great beer and receive recognition and awards both locally and nationally.  Our beers can be found in 30 different states Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, and Singapore!

Knee Deep Brewing’s beers have received several awards; most recently and notably, our Lupulin River double IPA taking the Silver Medal in the Imperial IPA category at the 2017 Great American Beer Festival.