Black Entrepreneur Experience

Houston Entrepreneur and Founder Featured on Podcast Black Entrepreneur Experience podcast released the interview with Velour Imports Chief Executive Officer, Brooke S. Sinclair.

“I’m a caterpillar turning into a beautiful billion-dollar butterfly,” Sinclair said as she proclaims 2020 a year of humility and grace.  “The process is going to be rough…in the end, I will have beautiful wings of diamonds and gold.”  She said she’s forgiven herself for her mistakes and asks others to forgive her too.

Sinclair leads tech startup Velour Imports.  Velour Imports uses cloud-based blockchain technology to monitor the locations and temperatures of craft beer, wine, cider, and spirits to commercial resorts and hospitality agents around the world.  “World domination doesn’t come to you.  It doesn’t knock at your door and presents itself to you.  You have to go out, punch people in the throat, and take it for yourself,” said Sinclair.

Focused on promoting the experiences of black tech founders the Black Entrepreneur Experience podcast highlights the incredible technological advancements of the black entrepreneur.  Podcast Host and Wellness Coach, Frances Richards, Ph.D. learned about Velour Imports when Sinclair was quoted in the Moguldom article ‘13 Black Tech Entrepreneurs Who Chose To Not Let Their Ideas Lie Dormant And Haunt Them.’

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